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Herobrine Expansion Add-on 1.20+

Herobrine Expansion Add-on

Adding Herobrine to Minecraft might be considered a mistake, but not this time. The Herobrine Expansion mod introduces a multitude of monsters, making survival more intriguing and enjoyable. The game's difficulty will escalate, leading to a more exhilarating gameplay.

Has 3 forms
Spawns clones
Summons the undead
Creates explosive traps
Calls down lightning and TNT blocks
Uses potions
Destroys chests and other storage items
Health: 1200, 800, and 6000 in phases 1, 2, and 3 respectively
Damage: 6-12
To spawn the monster, construct a structure of mossy stone surrounded by gold blocks. Next, place a nether stone on the mossy block, and redstone torches on its sides. Then apply a blood crystal to the nether stone.
Herobrine Expansion Add-on 1.20+

Night Terror
Health: 150
Damage: 6-12 plus 5 seconds of poison
Fire immunity and breathes fire

Herobrine's Clone
Health: 40
Damage: 5-8
Initially appears as a regular animal: Sheep or Chicken

Health: 120
Damage: 4-8
Appears in the Soul Sand biome
Attacks both close-up and at a distance

Wild Destroyer
Health: 90
Damage: 6-14
Spawned by Demonium

Health: 80
Damage: 8
Appears in oceans

Health: 40
Damage: 7 plus 5 seconds of poison
Blinds the target

Health: 40
Damage: 12-16
Attacks from a distance of 50 blocks

Lava Crawler
Health: 120
Damage: 12-15
Flees when at low health

Skull Cannon
Fires Skulls

Bamboo Staff
Powerful weapon

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