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Apex Creature Add-on 1.19

Apex Creature Add-on

A variety of dinosaurs from the movies will appear in Minecraft Bedrock with the Apex Creature mod. The addition contains not only real-life monsters, but also fictional creatures that have been mentioned or shown in the movies. Most of them are extremely powerful and dangerous, so survival will become more difficult.

Spawn: Worldwide
Health: 1000
Damage: 20
Apex Creature Add-on 1.19

Spawn: Worldwide
Health: 800
Damage: 18

Spawn: Swamp
Health: 500
Damage: 10 units

Micro Raptor
Spawn: worldwide
Health: 100
Damage: 3

Spawn: Jungle, Taiga, and Savannah
Health: 50 units
Damage: 5 points

Spawn: Taiga, Savannah, Desert
Health: 750
Damage: 15

Spawn: Forest, Taiga, Savannah
Health: 20
Damage: 3 points

Spawn: Oceans
Health: 15
Damage: 3

Spawn: Oceans
Health: 6
Damage: None

Spawn: Oceans
Health: 25
Damage: 2 damage and poison

Spawn: Oceans
Health: 50
Damage: 7

Spawn: Oceans
Health: 10

Spawn: Oceans
Health: 15

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