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MCMoney Economy Add-on 1.19

MCMoney Economy Add-on

The MCMoney Economy mod will improve the economy in Minecraft so that players can exchange things profitably. The addition introduces coins, bills, money, stores, banks, ATMs and vendors. All of this will work both in the normal world and in multiplayer to improve interaction between players.

One way to make money
You can sell things you find on the block
MCMoney Economy Add-on 1.19

Items can be bought from sellers or found around the world.

Gilded Zombies
Rarely Spawns
Drop: Coins

New Blocks and Items

Gildoom Ore
Generation: Below Y=10
Turns into coins

Player Stores
Allow players to buy and sell items from each other

You can deposit and withdraw money from your bank using an ATM, this money gains interest over time

MCMoney Economy Add-on 1.19

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