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Arcanus Creatures Add-on 1.19

Arcanus Creatures Add-on

Cool creatures and dangerous monsters will appear with the mod Arcanus Creatures in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The unique design and behavior made these monsters very interesting and cool. You'll get to meet giant cats, space cats and even woolly yetis.

Health: 100
Damage: 5 units
Drop: Gilis Membrane, Double Bladed Sword
Double Bladed Sword deals 7 damage (Repairs with Gilis Membrane)
Arcanus Creatures Add-on 1.19

Health: 200
Damage: 24
Drop: Neptunian gem and Neptukat's antenna
Tame: Nasty stew (can be ridden)

Tame: Berries
Damage: 4
Spawn: Forests

The queen bee
Health: 120
Damage: 10
Inflicts Poison
Drop: sting and head

Health: 200
Damage: 18
Spawn: snowy biomes
Attacks goats
3 blocks high

Health: 400
Damage: 25
Extremely Slow
5 Blocks High

Mr. Frog
Spawn: Bogs
Tame: Gold Fly

Gold Fly
Used to tame Mr. Frog

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