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Foods Plus 2 Add-on 1.19/1.18+

Foods Plus 2 Add-on

You can never have too much food. Especially in Minecraft. Therefore, immediately after the first part of the addition, we present the second - the mod Foods Plus 2. The addition introduces new dishes, plants, trees and even mobs.

Most of the food is prepared on a fire, in an oven or by crafting. All the recipes are in the workbench menu.
Foods Plus 2 Add-on 1.19/1.18+

Crafted in the workbench and roasted on the fire

Crafted and baked
Give a great filling

Most seeds can be obtained by fishing
Each plant has 4 stages of growth

Gather leaves and make maple syrup on the workbench
You can get new boards

You can collect cherries

Coconut grows

So far we've only added them for beauty
Can be tied on a leash


Getting elements
Creative Inventory or Commands

Changes in the new version
Added pies
Added turkey and duck meat in raw and cooked form.
Added olives and asparagus
Added blocks and mobs
Bug fixes
Tuned textures
Tuned stats

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