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Dynamic Car Creator Add-on 1.18+/1.17+

Dynamic Car Creator Add-on

The Dynamic Car Creator mod allows you to create your own car in Minecraft Pocket Edition. You will have to go through all the steps, from creating the workbench to the key. It will be quite a challenge, but the car will be worth it. You'll be able to drive it all over the world if you work a little harder at creating it.

First, get a workbench for the transport.
Dynamic Car Creator Add-on 1.18+/1.17+

Then you have to create ramps. Interact with them on the workbench.

After that, get a blueprint and put it on the workbench.

You need to craft all the component parts of the transport: the body, interior, doors, wheels and the key.

After that, you can assemble all the elements and go on the road.

Changes in the new version
Added the ability to move machines
Vessels with lava light up the space
Fixed bugs

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