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Hot Wheels Minecraft Character Cars Add-on All versions

Hot Wheels Minecraft Character Cars Add-on

Many of us dreamed of having a collection of Hot Wheels cars, and now the cubic universe of Minecraft makes this dream come true. The Hot Wheels Minecraft Character Cars mod introduces new, beautifully designed cars that you can acquire in the game. The author didn't just add vehicles, but also stylized them to fit the Minecraft world, making the cars resemble various mobs.

Each vehicle has:
- 20 health points.
- Multiple passenger seats.
- The ability to be repaired using a Wrench.

Commands for Spawning:
- `/summon hp:hw_creeper`
- `/summon hp:hw_zombie`
- `/summon hp:hw_skeleton`
- `/summon hp:hw_ocelot`
- `/summon hp:hw_enderman`
- `/summon hp:hw_spider`
- `/summon hp:hw_iron_golem`
Hot Wheels Minecraft Character Cars Add-on All versions

You can also ride mini-versions of these cars by using an Invisibility Potion.

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