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Rj's Mob's Add-on 1.18+

Rj's Mob's Add-on

Several new mobs from Rj's Mob's mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Insects, predators and even underwater creatures will appear in the game. The block universe will be filled with life, and the gameplay will be much more interesting and diverse.


Spawn: Plains.
You can milk
You can shear
Drops: Raw beef, skin, brown wool
Reproduction: Wheat
Rj's Mob's Add-on 1.18+

Red panda
Spawn: Bamboo Jungle
Multiple Species
Drop: none
Reproduction: bamboo

Hammerhead Shark
Spawn: Deep oceans
Can be taken in a bucket (experimental mode required)

Spawn: Warm Oceans
Harmless Mob

Spawn: Flower Forest
Harmless Mob

Spawn: oceans.
Adult mob applies poison
The cub casts blindness
Drop: Orb of slime and glowing ink

Brown Bear
Spawn: Taiga
Reproduction: Salmon

Spawn: Deserts at night.
Creates poison

Spotted hyena
Spawn: Savannah.
Reproduction: Meat

Spawn: Beaches and rivers
Chicken with new textures


Health: 2 hearts
Spawn: Oceans
Drop: Similar to squid

Health: 4 Hearts
Spawn: plains
If you name duck donald it gets a unique skin.
Lays eggs
Breeding: Seeds

Changes in the new version
Added 4 new mobs
Fixed bugs

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