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Husana909's Computers Add-on 1.18+

Husana909's Computers Add-on

Recreating a computer in Minecraft is a rather difficult task that requires serious knowledge of the mechanisms and functions of redstone. Fortunately, this is no longer required. It's enough to install Husana909's Computers mod and enjoy a unique computer. It will have 3 games and 2 applications.

How does it work?
You will need a wireless reactor for the computer.
Husana909's Computers Add-on 1.18+

Do not install more than one reactor, otherwise the game may crash.
One reactor can power several computers


Computer desktop

To open, you need to type run-app=

The game is
You need to survive for 500 seconds with 350 energy units.
To open and close doors, type door-app=

The game is
The types of attacks are shown when selecting a strategy
To attack creatures, type the command atk=

The game is
Type b.a.t after you throw the ball

The program
Do not Type run-cmd=gamergodmode=true

You can go online
Type www. at the beginning and .bws at the end

How do I uninstall my computer?
Use a wrench on the turned off computer.

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