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Minecraft: Nether Expansion Add-on 1.18+

Minecraft: Nether Expansion

The Netherworld is probably the most dangerous place in Minecraft. Millions of players have died there, hoping to reach the Nether fortress or beat Gust. Even the End is not as dangerous as the Netherworld dimension. With the mod Minecraft: Nether Expansion, hell will become an even tougher place. There will be new mobs that will cause even more problems than all of the zombie pigmen combined. If you're ready for such dangers, then feel free to install the add-on.

New wild fire


Maruga Forest
Minecraft: Nether Expansion Add-on 1.18+

Piglin the mushroom-thrower


Warped Wolf

Forest of Souls

Withered beast

Wandering Soul


Changes in the new version
Added Wildfire
Added Magma Tyrant
Added Amber Gast
Added amber ore and blocks
Added moonstone
Added dull stone
Added moonstone armor
Added gilded neserite armor

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