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Decorative Hats Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Decorative Hats Add-on

Hats are important to wear, especially in the scorching sun of Minecraft Bedrock. You're unlikely to get sunstroke, but your friends might laugh if you're not wearing a nice hat. So hurry up and install the Decorative Hats mod and pick out your most beautiful hat. Fortunately, the choice is quite large. The author was inspired by a variety of games, anime and even blocks of the cubic universe itself.


Green Amogus.

Green Amogus.

Dead Green Amogus

Trainer's cap






Fan Hat


Unusual device

Dr. Octopus Tentacles

A lot of shotguns

Anime Toy

How to Get
You can buy all kinds of hats from a vendor.
You can kill the vendor and get his weapons

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