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Horse Powerups Add-on 1.18+

Horse Powerups Add-on

Horses are useful animals in Minecraft PE, but they have few features. I would like to make them a little better by adding new features. Fortunately, this is quite possible with the Horse Powerups mod. The addition adds 6 types of improvements for horses.

How does it work?

First you need to tame the horse and give out a saddle. Then you need to select one of the blocks and put it in your inventory. Then the mob will get the enhancements.

Frost walker: if you put compressed ice in the slot, the horse will walk on water
Super jump: if you put a block of slime in a slot, the horse will jump very high and not take damage from falling
Speed boost: a block of red stone will make the horse fast and frisky
Elytras: You can fly the horse!
Extra Chest: The chest adds 15 new slots (If you remove the chest, the slots will disappear, but the items will be there)
Totem: Gives extra life to horse

Changes in the new version
Fixed bugs

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