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Cave Enhancements Rewritten Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Cave Enhancements Rewritten Add-on

The Cave Enhancements Rewritten mod completely changes the cave biomes in Minecraft. There will now be a greater variety of things under the ground, from biomes to new mobs. It's all based on updates 1.17 and 1.18. Try sticking with sticky walls or keeping company with a dripping turtle.

Goop Caves.
Sticky Caves.
The entire surface, both below and above, is covered in slime
This is where the Goops appear, dangerous creatures that can trap the player and paralyze
The goo can be used as projectiles
Traps can be picked up by Silk Touch enchanted weapons.
Goop can be used to create traps if placed in the right places

Dripstone Turtle.
Rather large mob.
Lives in the Karst Caves.
Likes to stomp around and make stalagmites fall
Neutral Mob
Attacks in groups, like Piglins.
Drop: Experience

Hangs from the ceiling of the Goop Cave.
Drops a slurry onto the trap below every few minutes.
Traps stun and prevent any mob or player from moving
To defeat a monster you have to destroy the block it's hanging on

Big Gulp
Sleeps in lush caves
Loves glowing berries
If fed glowing berries, the mob will start randomly digging down
Sometimes slightly covered in moss, which can be cut off
Cave Enhancements Rewritten Add-on 1.18/1.17+

All item recipes can be found in the corresponding menu.

Glowing Paste
Sticky glowy paste that can be placed on any surface
24 items will appear at once upon crafting

Another unit of illumination.
Gives night vision when the player comes near
1 candle illuminates within 3 blocks, 2 within 5, 3 within 7, and 4 within 9 blocks

Illuminating Anchor
Generated in Meadows biome.
If you place a lightning anchor on a block and wait for the lightning to strike, the block will draw its energy
Charged block may be used to kill nearby mobs.
The block may be connected with a redstone

Amethyst Flute
Scares away all Phantoms
Reload: 35 seconds
Strength: 64 units

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