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1 in 17,000,000,000 Add-on 1.17+

1 in 17,000,000,000 Add-on

Want to increase your luck a little bit in Minecraft? For example, so that you always get a fire rod or Ender pearls when you kill mobs? How about making your chests even more full in rare structure chests? That's exactly what the 1 in 17,000,000,000 mod is designed to do. Theoretically, your luck won't get any bigger or better, instead the chance of items dropping from mobs and in chests will increase.

Ifrites will drop 2-15 fire rods 100% of the time. Endermen will drop Ender Pearls of 2-20 units 100% of the time. Iron golems will also drop more iron: up to 25 units per mob.

All of this can be increased by enchanting for enhanced loot.

Without Enchantment
1 in 17,000,000,000 Add-on 1.17+


Priority diamonds
No nuggets
Ore Blocks
10x more materials than before

Neserite Abundance
Blocks of iron, diamond, and gold
Enchanted golden apples are also common

Ruined Portal
Gold blocks appear more often than nuggets
Iron blocks appear more often than nuggets
Gold armor has been replaced by diamond armor
Diamond items appear more often
Gold apples will appear instead of lighters, clocks, pressure plates

High chance of iron ingots spawning
Diamond things will appear instead of iron
Bread is less common
Ordinary apples replaced by improved apples

Desert Temple
Bones and rotten flesh replaced with pearls
Enchanted books are generated more often
There will be golden apples instead of emerald
The eye of the spider has been replaced by diamonds

1 in 17,000,000,000 Add-on 1.17+

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