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More Rods Addon 1.16+

More Rods Addon

Do you know what End Rod is? For those who have not seen this block before, this is a block that could be mined with any tool available for this in the Minecraft world, or obtained by crafting from the Blaze Rod with Popped Chorus Fruit. The block also falls out under the stream of water. Players can place this block on the ground. But as you know in the world of Minecraft some types of rods players cannot place on the ground.

That is why we present for you a new add-on that allows players to place rods on the ground. One of these rods is the blaze rod. Now players can place this type of rod on the ground. Please note that this rod does not replace any of the existing blocks in the Minecraft world.

Please note that the identifier for this block is: more_rods: blaze_rod_block.

The features and characteristics of this block are exactly the same and match the End Rod. Below you can see what this block looks like:

Blaze Rod Block

A feature of this add-on is that players can place this block on one of the sides as shown in the screenshot below:

hitbox and 3D model

As you can see, this block can also emit light.

Crafting a new blaze rod block is quite simple, for this the player needs to use an end rod and an iron ingot.

Crafting recipe below:

Blaze Rod Block recipe

Also as you can see in the screenshot below, the new block is slightly larger than the end rod and takes up a little more space in your inventory:

the new block

If you place this block on the grass, it turns into dirt.

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