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Cyborg Bodyguard Add-on 1.17+

Cyborg Bodyguard Add-on

Tired of dying all the time in Minecraft? Then it's time to take advantage of the new additions. For example, the Cyborg Bodyguard mod introduces a new bodyguard. He will protect you from the attack of any monsters. With him, you will feel safe and completely free.
Cyborg Bodyguard Add-on 1.17+

To get a mob you will have to create it from separate parts.

Cyborg Head
Craft: comparator and 8 iron bars.

Torso of Cyborg
Craft: Nether Star and 6 bars of iron

Cyborg Arm
Craft: sticky plunger and 2 iron ingots

Cyborg's Leg
Craft: 4 iron ingots

Cyborg Spawner
Craft: head, body, two legs and two arms of cyborg

Ignition key
After spawning the cyborg will look like a motionless statue
To ignite a mob you need to create an ignition key and use it on the mob
Craft: redstone and iron bar

Activation Key
Even after ignition, the cyborg will not be complete
You need to give the activation key to the mob to start protecting you
Craft: 2 gold bars

The mob has 500 health and protects the player from any enemies except creepers.

Cyborg can be given a sword or axe to enhance his damage.

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