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Bodyguard Add-on 1.17+

Bodyguard Add-on

You probably often used add-ons where you can use any pets or add-ons that tamed mobs so that they, in turn, either follow you or protect you, but would you like to use a real bodyguard to guard? If yes, then the new addition is something that you will definitely like as it adds bodyguards to your world who will follow you, guard, and defend you from other hostile mobs.

New strong bodyguards have a stylish and serious look. Players can hire several bodyguards and place them in any place convenient for you, be it in the courtyard of your house or directly next to you.

It often happens that while traveling around the world of Minecraft you can run into trouble, namely, get into some kind of dangerous situation where your life will be in danger in the form of hostile mobs that will try to kill you. Now, this issue will be resolved as the new bodyguards will not allow this to be done.

You will find many different advantages in using guards, namely, convenient use, placement of guards in designated places, protection from hostile mobs, and more. Use bodyguards for travel as security or simply as role-playing games.

How does it work or how do you hire a bodyguard?

Everything is very simple! As well as with other mobs with them you need a certain approach, namely, first, the player needs to tame them. To do this, the player needs to use bread or iron ingots. Use one or the other, get close to the bodyguard, and press the Tame button.

If the taming is successful, you will see the displayed hearts. After that, your bodyguard will always be with you, dressed in a beautiful black suit, black sunglasses, and a special ID card.

Bodyguard (1)

In order for your bodyguard to stand still or sit down, you must press and hold the bodyguard using the sit or stand button. As mentioned above, players can place bodyguards in any place convenient for you, be it a backyard, office, cafe, or any other place.

If after the battle their health points have dropped noticeably, after the battle they themselves drink a health potion.

Wherever you go, they will always be by your side.

Bodyguard (2)

Your bodyguards have good fighting skills and cannot be killed just like that, as they are strong enough and have good speed. Please note that all neutral mobs will attack the player if the mobs were attacked first.

Another feature of the add-on is the fact that players can give a name to their bodyguard for this, just use the anvil and nametag.

Bodyguard (3)

Below you can see different screenshots of how and where they can be placed and how these mobs look in the game:

Bodyguard (4)

Bodyguard (5)

Bodyguard (6)

Bodyguard (7)

Bodyguard (8)

Bodyguard (9)

Bodyguard (10)

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