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Village Guards Add-on 1.16+

Village Guards Add-on

Would you like to add mercenaries to your Minecraft world who would fight on your side against hostile creatures? If yes, then a new addon that adds village guards, among which you will see archers and swordsmen. Gather a group of such guards and go together on a journey to fight other hostile creatures. Let's take a look below at how it works and the features of this addon.

Features of the new guard mobs

As mentioned earlier, new mobs will be added to the Minecraft world, namely village guards who will be equipped and use certain types of weapons for defense and battles. Archers and swordsmen will be added to the game, each of which has certain weapons and equipment.

How does it work?

In order for the player to create a team of village guards, the following must be done:

1. For the swordsmen: Give the villager an iron helmet;
2. For the archer: Give the villager a bow.

As you can see it is very simple!

Village Guards

Also, players can hire defenders who can help you in difficult battles. To do this, just use emeralds, for just a few emeralds you can hire several guardian mobs that will protect you from hostile monsters.

Village Guards (1)

One of the useful features of the village guards is that when you need peace of mind or you decide to lie down to rest, you can place them in certain places so that they, in turn, hold positions and defend them. For example, you can put them around the house or at the entrance, or at your discretion anywhere. To do this, just right-click on your village guard, and he will take the required position.

Village Guards (2)

Players can create a functional and strong defense for villages, namely, create small towers for archers and place several swordsmen on different sides of the village, thereby protecting the villages from the invasion of hostile mobs even at night.

Village Guards (3)

In case your guard has been damaged in order to heal him, use cooked food.

Also, for the more sentimental players looking to create a team of reliable guards, name tags can be used to rename their guards.

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