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Villager Soldier Add-on 1.17+

Villager Soldier Add-on

With this add-on, villages will be heavily guarded by soldiers. They will destroy any enemies who dare to enter the territory of the village.

Village Soldier
Can be found everywhere
Designed to kill monsters attacking the village
Attacks up close with a sword, and far away with a crossbow
Villager Soldier Add-on 1.17+

Trade with a Soldier

Villager Swordsman
Blacksmiths become Swordsmen when they see enemies.
Can create Swordsmen when villagers are given an iron sword
Cannot be bartered
Weaker and slower than soldiers
Any villager can become a swordsman, except beggars and children.

Village Archer
Bow sellers become Archers when they see enemies.
Can create archers if villagers are given bows
Cannot be haggled over.
Any villager, except beggars and children, can become an archer.

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