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The Wool Soldiers Add-on 1.20+

The Wool Soldiers Add-on

The The Wool Soldiers mod presents a quite remarkable and very unusual addition, allowing you to create your own army of tiny soldiers right in Minecraft Bedrock. Such interesting possibilities have already been in the game through various addons, so the author decided to remind us of these wonderful features of our beloved game.

A total of 17 Soldiers, 6 Cavaliers, and 2 Artillerymen will appear, who will fight each other to the death.

These tiny mobs can use different equipment. Naturally, Soldiers of one team will fight with the team of another color. Regular mobs will quickly deal with the little ones, so it is recommended to have the Soldiers fight only each other.
The Wool Soldiers Add-on 1.20+

Mobs can be given a variety of items, ranging from Sticks to Netherite to improve their combat skills.

Among the Soldiers, Zombies will also appear, infecting those with less than 5 health. Moreover, such mobs can mutate and become stronger.

To remove mobs, an item called The Disruptor can be used.

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