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3D Combat Add-on 1.16+/1.18/1.19

3D Combat Addon Beta Add-on

Would you like to get a new experience in battles in the Minecraft world? If yes and you are a real warrior looking for new dangers and challenges, then the new addon is exactly what you need. The new addon adds new functional weapons to the Minecraft world with new features of mechanics, animation, and more. Each new type of weapon has a certain unique feature, let's look at the new types of weapons and features of new types of weapons below.

As mentioned above, new types of weapons will be added to the Minecraft world, in general, seven new types of weapons will be added to the game, each of which has unique features. Please note that the skin editor does not work, but players can use additional skins or their own.

New types of weapons:
3D Combat Add-on 1.16+/1.18/1.19

1. The first weapon is a long sword. A heavy weapon that deals devastating damage.

Additional features: Dash attack. Weapon screenshot:


2. The second weapon is a spear. This type of weapon has little damage, but it will be enough to kill some kind of animal. Additional feature: Dash attack. Weapon screenshot:


3. The third weapon is a lance. This type of spear is much more powerful than a regular, massive weapon that deals heavy damage to its targets while running or on horseback. Weapon screenshot:


4. The next weapon is a katana. This type of katana deals with heavy damage to its targets. Weapon screenshot:


5. Another type of melee weapon is a saber. Unlike a regular sword, this type of blade deals more damage due to its curved shape. Weapon screenshot:


6. The sixth type of weapon is the dagger. These are new daggers that do moderate damage to their enemies. But this type of weapon has a unique feature, namely when you are not visible and you are sneaking, thanks to the new mechanics, the player can either kill the enemy with one blow or damage it very badly. Weapon screenshot:


7. And the last weapon is a type of weapon called Bec de corbin. This is a one-sided beak-shaped protrusion on a melee weapon for a pinpoint strike. Usually, this type of weapon was combined with a hammer, less often with a hatchet. Players can use this weapon both for craft and for battles. An iron weapon that players can use to inflict instant dash attacks. Weapon screenshot:

bec de corbin

Please note that this addon is still at the development stage.

Changes in the new version
Compatible with 1.19.30
Changed weapons functions
Changed animations
Functions are now used instead of scripts

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