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Villager Soldier 1.18 Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Villager Soldier 1.18 Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Now no robbers or other monsters will not just attack the village, otherwise they will die in terrible agony from the swords of the peasants. Villager Soldier 1.18 mod will make the villagers strong and combat-ready.

Desert Bandit
Patrolling the deserts. Appear in groups, sometimes with one flag bearer. Their main weapon is the spear.
Health: 65
Speed: Fast
Damage: 7
Spawn: Desert
Appear in raids

Outlaw with a Gun
Control the savannah. Occur in small groups.
Health: 35
Speed: Medium
Damage: Pistol
Spawn: Savannah or patrol groups in biomes
Appear in raids

Ninja Outlaw
Dwells in caves. As soon as he spots a victim he goes invisible and attacks up close. Attacks from afar with crossbow.
Health: 20
Speed: Fast
Skill: Invisible for 3-5 seconds.
Damage: 7
Fires a crossbow
Spawn: Caves
Does not appear in raids

Jungle Bandit
Jungle Hunter that wields a poisonous sword.
Health: 20
Speed: Very Fast
Damage: 5
Poison Blade
Spawn: Forest
Does not appear in raids

Outlaw General
Able to summon companions, so interrupts to summon mobs during the battle.
Health: 300
Speed: Fast
Wields a golden spear
Great Rewards

Legendary Summoner
Powerful Mage

Villager with a cannon
High accuracy and range. Only use the cannon on villager.
Health: 35
Uses a cannon
Speed: Slow


Villager with a Pistol
High damage, long reload time and short range.
Health: 20
Uses a Gun
Speed: Medium


Villager with a Shotgun
Medium damage, but high range. Can be tamed with Emeralds.
Health: 35
Uses a Shotgun.
Speed: Medium

How to give equipment to the villager


Steel Pipe


Village resident hunter
Quite a useful mob that appears in the woods. Can be traded for meat and emeralds. Spawn in large groups of 4 to 8 mobs. Cannot be tamed.
Health: 30
Damage: 5
Uses a hunter's spear.
Speed: Fast

Spear of the Hunter

Heavy Crossbow

Item of the village general
Spawns a defensive army
Sells from the village soldier of the last level
Very High Price

Villager Soldier 1.18 Add-on 1.18/1.17+

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