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Demon Hunter Add-on 1.18

Demon Hunter Add-on

Become a demon hunter with the Demon Hunter mod for Minecraft. The add-on contains demons, a boss and several types of weapons to fight them. If you're ready to clear the earth of demons and other evil things, then join the ranks of the hunters with this add-on.

Need syringes.
Blood of the villager is needed for the ritual circle
Demon blood is needed for the demon mix.
You need a syringe to draw villager or demon blood.

Ritual Circle
Used to spawn Behemoth, the boss of the addon
First you need to create a base of 9 villager's blood
Get the demonic grimoire in the canyons
Create a demonic mixture of 3 demon blood and demonic essence (dropped from a 1st level demon).
Then you need to place the base, place the grimoire there, and interact with the mixture to spawn the boss
Demon Hunter Add-on 1.18

Level 1 Demon
Spawn: Nether and Overworld
Health similar to player
Damage: 5

Level 2 Demon
Spawn: Nether and Overworld
Health: 40
Damage: 8

Level 3 Demon
Spawn: Nether
Health: 70
Damage: 20

Behemoth (Boss)
Spawn: Ritual Circle
Health: 400
Damage: 20

Blessed Sword: Crafted from iron and wood cross
Wooden Cross: Constructed with wands
Demon Catalyst: Creates from a leash and a second level demon's eye
Gold Amulet and Gold Cross can be found in the bastion chests
Demonic Blood Sword: Drops out of Behemoth. 5000 durability and 20 damage

Demon Hunter Armor
Crafted from red wool and iron nugget

Weapon and Ammo
Bullets: Are fashioned from black wool, demonite ingot, and gunpowder.
Iron Huntress Bullets: Are created from two bullets
Hunter Shotgun Bullets: Made with five Iron Huntress bullets
To reload the gun you must place them in the workbench along with the bullets

Demonite Ore: -64-20 level in the normal world and 0-20 level in the Underworld
Demonite ingot: Is created from ore

Changes in the new version
Changed models and textures
Fixed bugs

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