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Magic Add-on 1.17+

Magic Add-on

Do you like magic and everything related to it? Would you like to add new magic items to your Minecraft world? The new addon adds thirty new wands to your Minecraft world, as well as ten new magic classes. Please note that each player has the opportunity to choose and use only two of the ten magic classes. Also, in order for the player to discover new magic, he needs to raise the level, since here, magic has an additional level system.

Please note that when using this add-on in your world, the PvP mode will be automatically activated by default. In case you do not want PvP mode, but just want to have fun with your friends in survival, then just use the / function command, followed by the text: disablemagicpvp!

This command allows players to deactivate most of the magic in their world and, if used, will not harm their friends or just other players.
In order for the player to start using new magic, you must first craft a special magic book.

Also, as mentioned earlier, players can use magic. Below you can see a list of magic that players can use for battles:

1. Ice;
2. Death;
3. Wind;
4. Light;
5. Electricity;
6. Water;
7. Necromancy;
8. Fire;
9. Poison;
10. Grass.


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