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Elingo's Magic Wands Add-on 1.19

Elingo's Magic Wands Add-on

Magic wands are an important weapon of the Middle Ages. That's why they should also be in Minecraft PE with the Elingo's Magic Wands mod. Each type will give the player special skills.

Workbench for magic wands
Elingo's Magic Wands Add-on 1.19

Buying Materials
Need to buy from the Wandering Merchant

Crafting Magic Wands


Each wand can be improved to gain new abilities

Frost Wand
Effect: Walk on ice
Skill: Ice Attack

Wand of Fire
Effect: Fire Resistance and Firewalker
Skill: Fire Attack

Wand of Lightning
Effect: Speed
Abilities: Lightning

Wand of Air
Effect: Levitation and Slow Fall
Skill: Lifting into the air


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