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More Wands Add-on 1.16+

More Wands Add-on

Do you use magic wands while surviving? If not, it's time to start using this magic item. The new addon adds magic wands to your Minecraft world, each of which has certain features. In total, nine different magic wands will be added to the game, namely mine, food, lightning, fire, slime, healing, and others. All of the listed magic wands have unique features that give the player useful effects.

Players can craft all magic wands using special crafting recipes. Let's take a look at all the available magic wands and their features.

Types of magic wands and their features:

1. Slime: This type of magic wand gives players the jump boost effect, also increases the speed, and while you hold it while falling, it decreases the falling speed. Crafting recipe:

Slime Wand

2. Healing: This type of magic wand gives players a regeneration effect, also adds thirteen more hearts to your health bar when you hold it. Crafting recipe:

Healing Wand craft

Healing Wand

3. Underwater Breathing: This type of magic wand allows players to breathe underwater while holding it. Crafting recipe:

UnderWater Breathing Wand
UnderWater Breathing Wand (1)

4. Ender Pearl: This magic wand allows the player to teleport to where the Ender Pearl will shoot. Crafting recipe:

EnderPearl Wand

5. Zombies: This type of magic wand allows players to summon a giant zombie to fight other monsters and hostile creatures. Attention: If the player summons more than one zombie, they will fight each other! Crafting recipe:

Zombie Wand craft

Zombie Wand

6. Fire: This type of magic wand shoots fireballs. This item deals 12 damage to its target and also burns. Crafting recipe:

Fire Charge Wand

7. Food: Using this type of magic wand, players can completely restore the hunger bar. Crafting recipe:

Food Wand craft

8. Lightning: This type of magic wand summons a lightning strike on all creatures that will surround you. Also gives the player fire protection and lightning strike. Crafting recipe:

Lighting Wand craft

9. And the last type of stick is the Mine. This item can mine 3x3 blocks that will be located in front of the character. After use, the player will receive blocks. Crafting recipe:

Mining Wand craft

Note: Don't forget to activate the Holiday Settings!

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