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More Wands Magic & Weapons! Elemental Wands Add-on 1.20+/1.19+

More Wands Magic & Weapons! Elemental Wands Add-on

The More Wands Magic & Weapons! Elemental Wands mod introduces 6 new wands to Minecraft PE, turning you into an invincible mage with command over nature and the galaxy. With these wands, no enemy can stand in your way.

How to Create and Acquire Weapons
First, you need to craft a Simple Offering
This item is used to activate the Otherworldly Device
More Wands Magic & Weapons! Elemental Wands Add-on 1.20+/1.19+

Otherworldly Device
Activated by a Simple Offering
Allows the purchase of magical wands

Parasitic Wand
Damage: 13
Summon parasitic tentacles that lash out instantly at everything nearby.

Galactic Wand
Damage: 12
Shoot micro-galaxies.

Dragon's Breath Wand
Damage: 10
Ignite upon impact and /cast a fiery trail, causing damage and setting nearby blocks aflame.

Earth Wand
Build a temporary tower beneath you.

Bubble Wand
Launch bubble projectiles that propel nearby mobs skywards.

Nature Wand
Damage: 12
Poison the area with venom.

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