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Redred Craft Add-on 1.17/1.16+

Redred Craft Add-on

Would you like to add more varied furniture to your world? If yes, then the new add-on is exactly what you need. The new add-on adds over sixty different pieces of furniture, each of which can harmoniously complement the design of your room. Make your house more cozy and lively. Please note that all furniture available to players is intended only for decoration, players cannot interact with it. Players can use furniture in survival mode. Let's take a look at the features of this add-on.

Features of the add-on

As mentioned earlier, players have access to all types of furniture in survival mode, for this, they need to use special crafting recipes for a certain type of furniture.

Crafting recipe:

Two blocks of white and black wool, two gold and two iron ingots.

What's available to players?

1. Single comfortable sofa of five different types:

Single sofa

2. Shelves for storing things in six different types:

Storage shelf

3. Japanese style paper lantern in three different types:

Japanese paper lantern

4. Shoe rack in three different types:

Shoe rack

5. Bathroom shelf in six different types:

Bathroom shelf

6. Bookshelf in six different types:

Book shelf

7. The worktops are simple and with drawers in six different types:


Drawer countertop

8. Cutting boards of six types:

Cutting board

9. Storage boxes of three different types:

Storage box

Don't forget to activate the experimental game mode.

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