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Weird Things Add-on 1.16+

Weird Things Add-on

Have you ever seen truly strange and at the same time interesting creatures? If not, then the new addon gives each player the opportunity to see something that has never been seen before in the Minecraft world, namely new, unique, and at the same time creepy and strange creatures. The new addon adds more than ten new creepy and strange creatures to the Minecraft world.

Players will see something that can look ridiculous and at the same time very interesting.

Please note that most of the new creatures have replaced existing ones thanks to the ghost eggs. Let's see below which mobs will be replaced.

Mobs that have been replaced with new creatures:

1. Regular chicken is now fatty chicken;
2. The villager is now the villager chicken;
3. The creeper is now a creeper chicken;
4. Enderman is now an ender chicken;
5. The cow is now a villager cow;
6. Pig is now Wurpig;
7. Llama is now a flying llama;
8. Ghast is now a Ghast villager;
9. The wolf is now a hot dog;
10. New mob called Chickow and many more!

Weird Things (1)
Weird Things (2)
Weird Things (3)

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