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Lights Craft Add-on 1.16+

Lights Craft Add-on

Would you like to add more interesting decorative blocks to your Minecraft world? If so then the new Lights Craft add-on is what you need. This is a new unique add-on that adds new unique blocks with a unique lighting feature. Now players can decorate their room, apartment, or house with new lamps, both outdoor and indoor.

With the new add-on, make your building original and unusual. New ores will be added to the Minecraft world that players can use to get new decorative blocks. Such ores are fluorine and steel.

These are the most important types of ores that players need to craft new decorative blocks. Players can only find new ore in layers from 10 to 59.

Below you can see what a block of fluorine ore looks like:


The next type of ore is steel, below you can see what this type of ore looks like:


One of the important items in this add-on is the light table. This is a kind of crafting table on which players have to craft all-new light blocks. Below you can see what this table looks like and its crafting recipe:

Lights table

Lights table recipe

Now let's look at the most important materials that a player will need to craft other blocks. Please note that these two materials will be required in every crafting recipe, since most crafting recipes consist of these materials, namely fluoridated dust and steel ingot.
The first material is fluorinated dust.

Fluor dust

The second material is steel ingot.

Steel Ingot

When the player has all the necessary materials and resources for crafting, you can start crafting all-new light blocks. Please note that all new blocks have a fairly neat design, not large, compact, and emit light with high quality. Below you can see an example of such blocks:


As mentioned earlier, we remind you that all new light blocks are crafted on the new light table. Let's now look at all the new blocks and crafting recipes below.

New items and crafting recipes:

1. Types of ground light:

— First type, crafting recipe:

Ground light 01

— Second type, crafting recipe:

Ground light 02

2. Types of wall lamps:

— First type, crafting recipe:

Wall light 01

— Second type, crafting recipe:

Wall light 02

3. Types of ceiling luminaires:

— Simple type, crafting recipe:

Ceiling light

— Neon type, crafting recipe:

Ceiling neon light

4. Wall neon light is also available, crafting recipe:

Wall neon

5. Block of steel, crafting recipe:

Steel block

6. Luminous blocks:

— Slab, crafting recipe:

Iluminant slab

— Block, crafting recipe:

Iluminant block

— Panel, crafting recipe:

Iluminant panel

7. Floor lamp, crafting recipe:

Floor lamp

8. Lamp rod, crafting recipe:

Rod lamp

Don't forget to activate the Experimental Game Mode!

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