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Disguised TNT Add-on 1.16+

Disguised TNT Add-on

Do you like trolling your friends? Or maybe you like TNT? How about putting it together? That's right, if you combine this, you get a new addon that adds unique TNT blocks that look like ordinary blocks. A little confused? Now everything will become clearer. We present you with a new addon that adds TNT to the world of Minecraft, which looks like simple blocks.

Now trolling your friends with TNT will be easier and your prank will not be obvious. The new TNT blocks look exactly the same as the blocks of oak planks, Glowstone, stone, and many others. New blocks work the same way as simple blocks.

Please note that players can find new TNT blocks in the Spawn Egg section. Players cannot walk through a block like an entity, you can walk over it. Please note that players cannot break this block. Be careful, now if you want to get rid of a new TNT block, only the special / kill command will help you.

In general, the new addon adds 15 new TNT blocks that you can use so far only in creative mode. One explosion of a TNT block can kill a player! This means that the new blocks are powerful enough and just as dangerous.

Disguised TNT (1)

Disguised TNT (2)

Disguised TNT (3)

Show your creativity and create a whole chain of TNT blocks, which in turn will work like a cannon and explode one after another, destroying everything that is nearby. To do this, you need to create something special consisting of more than one TNT block.

Available blocks

In the game, you will have access to such TNT blocks as:

1. Oak plank;
2. Cobblestone;
3. Brick;
4. Sand;
5. Obsidian;
6. Ice;
7. Oak log;
8. Diamond block;
9. Glowstone;
10. Bedrock;
11. Netherrack;
12. Slime;
13. Sponge.

Attention: This addon supports both Windows 10 and Android devices.

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