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2 Person Horse Riding Add-on 1.16+

2 Person Horse Riding Add-on

Has it ever happened that you are playing with a friend while traveling the world of Minecraft but you only have one horse? Even if not, the new addon will still be very useful to you, since this addon adds the ability for two players to ride a horse at once. This is a very useful feature if you are playing with a friend.

The new addon allows two players to saddle one horse, for this, you just need to tame the horse and put a saddle on it, after which two players can ride on horseback. This is a fairly simple but at the same time very useful and functional addon.

Now you and your friend can go on new adventures not alone, but together, overcoming various obstacles together.

The addon system works on the same principle as the boat. The first player to saddle the horse and sit in front will control it, everything is very simple. If the player sitting in front dismounts from the horse, the second player will control it.

2 Person Horse Riding (1)

2 Person Horse Riding (2)

2 Person Horse Riding (3)

Please note that the player sitting behind the first one will not be able to rotate.

2 Person Horse Riding Add-on 1.16+

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