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Marcraft BE Add-on 1.16+

Marcraft BE Add-on

We present you with a new addon that will add new furniture items to your Minecraft world. These are very useful and interesting models of furniture for relaxation and comfort. Furniture such as a daybed of several types, a bedside table of several types, and a blanket of different colors will be added to the Minecraft world.

Please note that wooden furniture items such as the daybed and bedside table are presented in the game in six different types of wood. The blanket is available to players in one of the available sixteen colors. Let's consider below what furniture will be added to the Minecraft world and how it will look.

Please note that temporarily in order for the player to get new types of furniture, it is necessary to use the /function command.

The first thing we'll look at is the daybed. What it is? It's not When the day is bad, it's just a comfortable bed for daily sleep and relaxation that can perfectly complement the interior of your room. This bed is intended for one person, especially for those who work from home at this time. Attention: In order for the bed to be placed correctly, we recommend that you first place it on top of a simple bed as shown in the screenshot below:

Marcraft BE (1)

The next type of furniture is the bedside table. It is already clear from the name that this type of table is usually recommended to be placed near the bed so that all the necessary things are always at hand. Screenshot of the bedside tables below:

Marcraft BE (2)

And the last is a blanket. In order for the player to complement the design of his room and add more comfort, it is necessary to use a blanket for the bed. To do this, in order for the player to place it correctly, it must be done on a bed two blocks high. If the blanket fell through the floor, then you did something wrong. How it looks in the game:

Marcraft BE (3)

As mentioned earlier, in order for players to use new furniture items, it is necessary to use a special /function command followed by the text, for example: daybed_oak, indicating the name of the item and the type of tree from which it is made. This command will allow the player to get a daybed made of oak. In the future, it will be possible to get all types of furniture with one command, but for now, players can get one piece of furniture using the command.

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