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Dense Ores Add-on 1.16+

Dense Ores Add-on

Have you ever seen or used dense ore in the Minecraft world? If yes, then the new addon is what you need. The new addon adds a new generation of dense ore to the Minecraft world, which will be much more useful than the usual one. The new ore will give players three more ores than usual, thus making your survival easier.

Please note that such dense ores as Redstone, quartz, lapis, and nether gold drop twelve ores each. In general, as you already understood, this is a useful new addon that allows players to get more resources from dense ore blocks.

Let's take a look at the full list of available dense ores below.

Dense ore types:

1. Coal (y): 1–125;
2. Iron (y): 5–40;
3. Gold (y): 1–32;
4. Redstone (y): 1–16;
5. Lapis (y): 1–31;
6. Diamond (y): 1–16;
7. Emerald (y): 4–32;
8. Quartz (y): 10-117;
9. Nether gold (y): 10-117;
10. Ancient debris (y): 8–22.

Dense Ore Drop:

- Coal drops 3 coal, ore screenshot:

Dense Coal Ore

- Iron drops 3 iron, ore screenshot:

Dense Iron Ore

- Gold drops 3 gold, ore screenshot:

Dense Gold Ore

- Redstone drops 12 redstones, ore screenshot:

Dense Redstone Ore

- Lapis drops 12 lapis, ore screenshot:

Dense Lápis-lazúli Ore

- Diamond drops 3 diamonds, ore screenshot:

Dense Diamond Ore

- Emerald, generated in mountains and extreme hills, drops 3 emeralds, ore screenshot:

Dense Emerald Ore

- Quartz, generated only in the Nether world, drops 12 quartz, a screenshot of the ore:

Dense Quartz Ore

- Nether gold, generated only in the Nether world, drops 12 gold nuggets, a screenshot of the ore:

Dense Nether Gold Ore

- Ancient debris, we draw your attention to the fact that this is the only ore with unchanged textures, it is for this that players will have to break this block in order to find out the difference, they are generated only in the Nether world, drops 3 netherite scraps, a screenshot of the ore:

Dense Ancient Debris

We also draw your attention to the fact that three levels of ore generation will be available in the game, namely:

1. Normal: Basic type of ore generation which is recommended for all players;
2. Low: Rare generation of ores and small quantities;
3. High: Frequent and large ore generation.

Don't forget to activate the experimental settings:

activate the experimental settings

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