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Pandora’s Box Add-on 1.16+

Pandora’s Box Add-on

Have you played Lucky Block in Minecraft before? If so, then you probably understand the main goal of the game and how much fun it is. For those who do not know, we will explain what the essence of the game is. In this game, players use blocks that randomly give players certain effects and situations, both positive and negative, and sometimes even deadly. That is why we bring to your attention a new addon that gives you something similar but much more interesting. This addon adds Pandora's Box to the Minecraft world!

Pandora's Box is, in simple words, any source of big and unexpected trouble, or, alternatively, a gift that seems valuable, but in fact, is a curse. This box can house both evil and hostile creatures and positive effects. Try your luck! It's not for nothing that we compared the Lucky Block and the new Pandora's Box, since their role is very similar, but their difference is that Pandora's Box has much more different exciting events that can await you.

Starting from hostile mobs, ending with changing biomes and locations, or even death. Here, not only will you get something bad, but players can also get something useful and interesting for survival. This is the best way to test your luck and experience in the Minecraft world. Get ready for anything!

Please note that since this addon uses a large number of different commands, the game may get bugged at some point, if this happens, just reboot. Below you can see how it works in the Minecraft world:

Pandora’s Box (1)

Pandora’s Box (2)

Pandora’s Box (3)

How do I get Pandora's Box?

Very simple, use the special command: / give @p, followed by the text: add: pandora_box
For the box to work, you need to hit it!

Attention: Using this addon, thirty different exciting events await you, each of which guarantees you fun and danger!

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