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Supply Drone Add-on 1.16+

Supply Drone Add-on

Would you like to simplify your survival a little, but not with the goal of making the game easier, but to make survival even more interesting and unusual? It's easy, the new Supply Drone add-on allows players to use flying drones while surviving to bring useful items. Using the new add-on, players will make their survival in the Minecraft world easier by using a little help from supply drones. To get some useful things, you just need to shoot down one of the drones and that one will drop/release to you the things that he was carrying at that moment.

How does it work?

Everything is very simple. In order for the supply drone to release its drop to you, you need to shoot it down. Drones spawn naturally in the Minecraft world. Since drones are constantly flying, you need to use a bow and arrow to shoot them down and get random supplies.

As mentioned, drones release random supplies, but what could it be? Below you can see what the drones will drop for you.

What Supplier Drones Can Drop:

1. Armor: elements of iron and diamond armor;
2. Enchanting;
3. Golden apple;
4. Bread;
5. Cake;
6. Brick;
7. Wood;
8. Iron blocks;
9. Elytra.

Supply Drone (1)

Supply Drone (2)

Supply Drone (3)

Supply Drone (4)

Supply Drone (5)

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