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Buried Diamond Blocks Add-on 1.16+

Buried Diamond Blocks Add-on

Would you like to slightly change your survival and the process of mining useful ores? If yes, then the new Buried Diamond Blocks addon is exactly what you need. This addon allows players to simplify the process of mining various valuable ores. This addon can be useful for novice players. This is a new useful experience for those who would like to better understand how to mine and quickly mine ore.

Please note that in order for the addon to work correctly, you must activate all three experimental settings. Below is a screenshot of the settings:

Buried Diamond Blocks (1)

In order for players to find a large number of useful and valuable ore, it is necessary to go to explore the caves and locations underground.

Buried Diamond Blocks (2)

In caves and underground, players can find ore such as:

1. Gold;
2. Iron;
3. Diamond;
4. Lapis;
5. Emerald.

Buried Diamond Blocks Add-on 1.16+

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