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Toolbox Addon 1.16+

Toolbox Addon

Would you like to simplify the process of storing different items of weapons and tools? If yes, then the new addon is exactly what you need. The new addon allows you to store different tools in a bundle in one block. This is a fairly simple and at the same time very useful function that will simplify your survival in the Minecraft world. Let's see how it works below.

How does it work?

In order for the player to create a toolbox, it is necessary to place all the desired tools of the same type on the crafting table, namely a shovel, a hoe, an ax, a sword, a pickaxe, and a plank. Players can only place one instrument of a certain type. The shape and type of planks do not matter during crafting, players can use any available ones.

(Please note that the Experimental game mode is not required for the addon to work correctly).

toolbox block recipe craft (1)
toolbox block recipe craft (2)
toolbox block recipe craft (3)

In total, six different toolboxes will be added to the game. Players can use the following types of toolboxes in the Minecraft world:

1. Wooden;
2. Stone;
3. Iron;
4. Gold;
5. Diamond;
6. Netherite.

Using such a toolbox is very simple, just take the block you want, place it on the ground and break it. After that, all the tools previously used for crafting will drop from it.

Toolbox (1)

Toolbox (2)

Toolbox (3)

Toolbox (4)

Please note that this addon supports devices such as Android, iOS, and Windows 10.

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