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More Stairs and Slabs Add-on 1.16+

More Stairs and Slabs Add-on

Would you like to add more different stairs and slabs to your Minecraft world? If yes, then this add-on will be useful to you during survival. In total, stairs and slabs in sixteen different colors will be added to the game. The new add-on can be useful for players to build any objects or just a new house. Please note that all new slabs and stairs in the game will only be made of concrete. More stairs and slabs will be added soon. Let's take a look at all the new stairs and slabs below.

Attention: Please note that the new stairs, due to block systems in the Minecraft world, cannot be inverted or connected. Slabs and stairs have the same hit point score. Please note that players can only turn the blocks in the required direction.

Below you can see in the screenshot all the slabs and stairs available in the game:

An example of a recipe for crafting slabs:

Concrete Slab Recipes

An example of a recipe for crafting stairs:

Concrete Stairs Recipes

Recommendations: In order for the add-on to work correctly, Minecraft PE version 1.16.100 or higher is required.

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