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Shin Godzilla Add-on 1.16.40/1.16+

Shin Godzilla Add-on

Are you a fan of Shin Godzilla? This is a huge creature that was introduced to humanity in Japan. For those who do not know what this creature is, Shin Godzilla is a new super-creature from the film Godzilla Rebirth, a Japanese cinema about a cult monster, not associated with either new versions of Godzilla or old films. This addon allows players to add this creature to their Minecraft world. Unlike other types of Godzillas that you may have already seen, this creature has four forms of evolution, each subsequent of which makes it stronger than the previous one.

This creature will wander the world of Minecraft until you dare to challenge him first. If you are sure that you are experienced and strong enough, and most importantly, you are ready to fight this monster, then you can start your epic battle. From the shape of a fish to a huge monster! Below you can see all four forms of Shin Godzilla.

Godzilla Forms:

1. The first form is more like a fish, this creature has only 20,000 health points. Below you can see how it looks (the tail is longer than in the screenshot):

The first form Shin Godzilla

2. The second form also has 20,000 health points. This is not the dangerous form of Shin Godzilla. Below you can see how it looks in the game:

The second form Shin Godzilla

3. The third form has 400,000 health points. After he spawns he will growl very loudly. Below you can see how it looks in the game:

The third form Shin Godzilla

4. And the last fourth form is the most powerful. This creature has a very dangerous look and 5,000,000 health points. It also has unique attack features such as laser breath, laser tail, and laser dorsal fin. The damage from these abilities can be up to 70,000.

Fourth form Kamakura San

We remind you that this creature will not attack you until you attack it first!

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