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Cuter Vanilla Wolves Add-on

Cuter Vanilla Wolves Add-on

We present to you a new and very interesting resource package that was created with the aim of changing the usual model of wolves. A new resource pack changes the appearance of wolves replacing the old boring textures with newer and more interesting ones, as well as slightly changing the model of this animal. The game will change the model of a normal wolf, tamed and wild. All functions that these animals perform remain unchanged.

The player can also interact with this animal as before. Xbox achievements are not changed.

What has been changed?

1. Designed for wolves 3D collar;
2. Changed ears, tongue, jaw and teeth;
3. The natural angle of the hind legs of wolves;
4. Added very interesting animations, such as anger, tail wagging, begging and others;
5. Changed the shape of the body and legs.

Cuter Vanilla Wolves screenshot 1

Cuter Vanilla Wolves screenshot 2

Cuter Vanilla Wolves screenshot 3

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