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Furniture Mod for Minecraft PE

Furniture Mod for Minecraft PE

We present to you a new addon that can add a large number of different furniture to your Minecraft world, namely to your apartments and houses. A very useful and interesting addon for those who would like to uniquely decorate their home. This addon adds such things as chairs, benches, gadgets, toilets, and much more to the Minecraft world.

The world of Minecraft will add those things that, according to the developers of the Mojang studio, are superfluous today. Why? Because each player should gain experience from combining blocks that already exist in the Minecraft world and without any additions. But thanks to such add-ons, players can add something new and get a good experience in decorating their home.

Furniture Mod for Minecraft PE

We draw your attention to the fact that in order for the player to get as many different decor elements as possible, you need to have a lot of diamonds since this is the currency you will pay for new furniture. You can buy it from a villager merchant. It's very simple, if you want more furniture, get more diamonds. All the furniture that has been added to the Minecraft world you can see in the game.

The choice of furniture will be so large that you can choose from a highchair to different types of lamps and even gadgets such as a MacBook, a coffee maker, and many others. We also draw your attention to the fact that some decorative elements have animation and certain functionality, for example, a coffee machine that using your beans can give you a cup of coffee.

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