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Quentin's Vanilla Additions Add-on 1.18+

Quentin's Vanilla Additions Add-on

Quentin's Vanilla Additions mod will focus on adding simple, but interesting features for Minecraft PE. So far new features are few, but over time, the author will improve the game and make even more changes. Some of the updates include biomes, mobs and gear.

Flower Forest
The birches have become taller and have azalea foliage
There are new mobs: for example, a brown bear
The biome is brighter
Bears spawn in almost all forests and hunt salmon
Quentin's Vanilla Additions Add-on 1.18+

Butterflies appear in all forests, except the taiga and snow taiga
They fly higher than the trees.

Patrolling rogue resembles a vigilante and outlaw
Spawns in all forests
Carries a short axe
Goes everywhere looking for trouble

Outside of the woods, Ducks spawn.
They can be found near rivers
No drops.
They love water.
Totally harmless

Improved Swamp
New, lush trees are growing here.
Biome has become even more dangerous
Mobs even appear in the daytime

Two new kind of Drowned: The green one is called Mossy Drowned and the silver one is called Deep Drowned
The Frozen Drowning appears all over the water, while the Deep Sea Drowned appears only in the ocean.

Skeletal burrowed skeletons appear in the jungle.
Similar behavior to skeletons.

Tropical Slug appears passively in the swamps.
No special features yet.

Frost Slug will appear in snowy biomes.
Slightly slower than the other slugs.

Frozen zombies can impose slowdowns on players

Fenek hunts rabbits at night and just walks around during the day
Doesn't sleep during the day, because it's too hot in the desert sun
Sleeps near an acacia tree

Rubies are generated at levels 0-10
Rarely seen yet.

Reinforced Iron Bar is easy to get.
Can be used to make a reinforced iron sword with 7 damage

Bricks are also new and can be used to build houses.

Enchanted Guardian Armor with Flame Resistance
Enchanted armor is recommended
Boots will remain neserite, as there are no guardian boots yet

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