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Weapon Cases Add-on 1.16/1.15+

Weapon Cases Add-on 1.16/1.15+

We present to you a new addon that adds new types of weapons to the Minecraft world. The new weapon will be divided into four sets in each of which new types of weapons will be divided into different classifications of rarity. In total, 18 new types of weapons will be added to the game. Players can find sets with different types of weapons in different structures or by killing different mobs. New types of weapons have certain features that you will learn about in the game.

In order to check what features of a certain sword, simply click the right mouse button holding the sword. You can also activate special effects so that they work automatically. The effects depend on the type of sword! Let us consider below the types of sets with swords, their rarity, and types of swords that are added to the game.

Types of sets with swords:

1. Simple: players can get one of 4 new swords;
2. Ordinary: players can get one of 5 new swords;
3. Rare: players can get one of 5 new swords;
4. Legendary: Players can get one of 4 new swords.

Types of swords and damage:

1.Darkness deals 18 damage;
2.Lightning deals 20 damage;
3.Wave deals 13 damage;
4.Bloodstained deals 22 damage;
5.Jet deals 8 damage;
6.Venom deals 11 damage;
7.Gamma deals 12 damage;
8.Executioner deals 13 damage;
9.Frostbite deals 8 damage;
10.Menace deals 15 damage;
11.Icicle deals 16 damage;
12.Royalty deals 19 damage;
13.Reflector deals 15 damage;
14.Eclipse deals 17 damage;
15.Flare deals 10 damage;
16.Defender deals 9 damage;
17.Nightmare deals 15 damage;
18.Shadow deals 25 damage.

Weapon Cases Add-on 1.16/1.15+

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