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Land Rover Discovery 4 Add-on 1.16/1.15+

Land Rover Discovery 4 Add-on 1.16/1.15+

We present you with a new and perhaps one of the best Minecraft community add-ons. This add-on adds to your world a very cool and luxurious car, namely Land Rover Discovery. Why is this one of the best add-ons? You just look at how cool it looks and how well made. This add-on will be of interest to those who love to drive SUVs, especially luxury SUVs. To create this add-on, more than 13,000 cubes were required.

Below you can see a video of how this SUV was created:

Using the new add-on you will add to your world Minecraft fourth-generation Land Rover Discovery which debuted in April 2009.

Let's look at all the features of this SUV. The first thing we want to draw your attention to is the use of Creative mode. There is a special key for this car that you need to use in order to drive. Inventory of the SUV is available, but after using the chest. As soon as you start the car engine, the headlights turn on the SUV. Players can also adjust the speed.

Added animations of the steering wheel, wheels, the car turns, spawn, trunk and movement. In real life, this SUV has 7 seats, in your SUV there will only be 5 seats, for you and your friends.

Players can use a special command in order to get this car. Use the /summon command followed by the text: car: discovery or car: discovery_tl.

We also draw your attention to the fact that this add-on supports 9 different languages for different users, namely:

1. Russian,
2. English;
3. Spanish;
4. Portuguese;
5. French;
6. Dutch;
7. Korean;
8. Chinese;
9. Japanese.

How does it work?

The use process is a bit like the process of interacting with an entity. The player must first tame the car using materials such as normal coal and charcoal. In order for you to have more space in the trunk, put a chest on it. Use the key (like a saddle) in the car. If the player wants to adjust his speed, you need to use the right mouse button or the speed button.

Land Rover Discovery 4 Add-on 1.16/1.15+

Below you can see a video of how it works:

Attention: This add-on is recommended to be used on devices with high performance, such as Android 10, iOS 13, device PC, or higher.

Also below you can see the video how to install the add-on if you are using iOS devices:

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