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Trains! Addon 1.15/1.14+

Trains! Addon 1.15/1.14+

We are glad to present you an interesting addon that enables the player to make trains from carts, namely to connect the carts to each other. Also, using this add-on, the player can create the length of the train that he wants by fastening the bogies between each other and as long as the texture will be loaded, in other words as much as the rendering distance can go.

What does this addon give?

1. Allows the player to connect a large number of Minecarts and generally carts;
2. Adds 4 new tools with which you can later connect minecarts to each other.

Trains! Addon 1.15/1.14+

How to use?

In order for the player to use these tools, he must use a special crafting table. Please note that this addon will work both in Creative and in Survival mode! Below you can see the recipe:

Or there is another option for using these tools, for this, you need to use creative, and use these commands:

—/give @s hopper_minecart_coupler;
—/give @s tnt_minecart_coupler;
—/give @s minecart_coupler;
—/give @s chest_minecart_coupler.

In order to start using the addon, download it and add the files of this add-on. Use Experimental Gameplay!

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