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Magical Books Addon 1.16+

Magical Books Addon 1.16+

A new add-on that adds new items to your Minecraft world, namely new Magic Books! This add-on allows players to feel like a wizard-like in the famous Harry Potter movie! In total, six new magic books will be added to the game. Players can craft all new books as well as the materials necessary for this. Each book gives you unique opportunities that can save your life in the most difficult moment. Taking one of the books in your hand you can get resistance or get some other useful effect.

These are useful books for your survival, they can help you overcome various obstacles such as lava, and much more. All you have to do for this is simply to hold one of the books in your hand. In order for the player to craft one of the new magic books, he also needs to craft a new item called the magic stone. This material is necessary for you to craft a book. Let's look at all the new magic books below.

How does it work?

As already mentioned earlier, the player first needs to craft a material called a magic stone that you must use in order to craft a book. Players can also use commands to get them, for example /function and /give. Use the words: Magical_Books_Addon_pack for the first command, and the name of the book type for the second @s pa: below, you can see a screenshot of how it looks in the game:

Magical Books Addon 1.16+

Types of magic books and their features:

1. The first thing we will consider is the main material for crafting is Magic Stone. You must use this material to craft magic books. Craft Recipe Below:

2. So the first book is called Momentum. Gives the player a speed effect. Increases player speed. Craft Recipe Below:

3. The air. Gives the player a levitation effect. It will help to overcome mountain peaks or something else. Craft Recipe Below:

4. Bounce. Gives the player a jump boost effect. It can help you get out of some sort of trap or pit. Craft Recipe Below:

5. Healing. Gives the player regeneration. Restores your health points. Craft Recipe Below:

6. Fire. Gives the player a fire-resistance effect. Now you can no longer worry about lava. Craft Recipe Below:

7. Oceania. It allows the player to breathe underwater and Conduit power. Now the process of exploring the ocean will be much easier. Craft Recipe Below:

In the future, other useful magic books will be added.

We draw your attention to the fact that you must activate the Experimental game mode. This add-on is not compatible with other add-ons so be sure to turn it off if you have one.

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