Settlement Map

Settlement Map

This map is represented as a pretty small but comfortable settlement which is surrounded of nature. Here you can see a lot of types of buildings, each of them is different of each other, as in exterior and as in interior.

What buildings you can see:

  • House of fisherman
  • 6 shop-tents in central square
  • Blacksmith
  • The main place on the map is town hall
  • Ship
  • House of dreamer
  • House of merchant
  • House of alchemist
  • House of Florist
  • Farm, which is consists of fields and mill.
  • Cemetery
  • Church
  • 2 big houses
  • House of forester
  • Changed landscape of areas.
  • New decorative objects such as fence, well etc.

What is planning to add?:

  • Melting of glass.
  • House of glassblower
  • Another settlement
  • Machine for mining
  • Additional mine.

Settlement Map

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