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Emerald Town (Survival) (1.8+ Only)

Emerald Town (Survival) (1.8+ Only)

Very interesting role-playing map, which is called Emerald Town. In this survival game, to your main goal is to try to stay alive as long as possible! Player will get the special book, at the spawn place, where he can find the list of quests for successful survival. The general amount of quests is five, each of them will help you to stay alive, by expanding the farm and increasing the amount of your funds. Let's say, one of them is related to your money, the main aim of this quest is to get 100000G, another one is to get sixty-four ingots of iron.

The list of missions

1. Sixty-four diamonds
2. Sixty-four iron ingots
3. Sixty-four coals
4. Five sheeps and five cows
5. 100000G — money

In order to get money, the player should sell his vegetables, which he should grow.

Emerald Town (Survival) (1.8+ Only)

Last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.40
Last Minecraft PE BETA version
Emerald Town (Survival) (1.8+ Only)

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