Fortinite Minigame Map

Fortinite Minigame Map

Map which is similar to famous game of Fortnite is now available for MCPE. From original Fortnite: Battle Royale game was taken idea of chests which you can loot and battles between players. This map is absolutely recreate game environment of original game, but in MCPE style. For playing this map amount of players should be not less than 2. Player, who will survive in battle till the end, will win! Some items in game was changed and has difference between original game items.

Description of gaming process:

  • Not less than 2 players for playing game.
  • In order to find some good loot you should open some chests.
  • In order to win, kill all the players.

Fortinite Minigame Map

Download Fortinite Minigame Map

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